Monday, November 11, 2013

Perricone MD's Photo Plasma - A Review

A few weeks ago I received this glass jar of Perricone MD's Photo Plasma in the mail.  "Dr Perricone’s newest anti-aging moisturizer, Photo Plasma with SPF 30, promises to provide all the protection of a standard broad spectrum sunscreen while gliding on smoothly and flawlessly"  The pretty pink whipped concoction did go on very smoothly and felt light on my skin.  I look forward to wearing this in the summer when a moisturizer with SPF is part of my daily beach routine.

Besides fantastic skin products, the Perricone MD website is chock full of tips and information for a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.  Pregnant?  Be sure to check out the page on Melasma.  Working on loosing weight?  Be sure to check out the page on CoQ10 and the benefits to skin and loosing weight.